Friday, September 23, 2011

Up-cycled Paper Mail Boxes

So I saw these really nifty mail holders at WalMart that are magnetic and stick to the refrigerator. I thought it was a super cool idea, but I didnt want to spend $5 on each. So instead, I thought I could muster some creativity and make a couple of my own.

And Lord knows the dumping ground at the entrance of the kitchen could not keep looking the way it did:

Although in all fairness, it is not just mail dumped here....I need my craftroom done!
So, I used what I had on hand. A cereal box, scrapbooking paper, glue sticks, ribbon, and cut out letters. Oh, and scissors. :)

(Photos are dark as I was working in the kitchen in the evening. Poor lighting and poor work surface...again, need the craftroom done!)
I cut the cereal box in half - this would give me two mailboxes. Then I cut the chosen scrap paper to size for the boxes, and hot glued them onto the boxes. I selected the embellishments I wanted adorned on the mailboxes, and began with the real fun part - decorating!

I cut another sheet of scrap paper to size for a backdrop for the corkboard letters, then selected the ribbon pattern to give each mailbox a little uniqueness.

The plan was for a "His" and "Hers" set, but I discovered I didn't have the letters needed for those words. However, I did have the right letters for Boyfriend's name and my own, so I went with that.

Letters in place, ribbon glued on, the cute little mailboxes were almost done.

The only supplies I had to buy for this project were magnets. I found the perfect magnets at WalMart for a whopping $2.47 (set of twelve) with sticky adhesive backs. Making them all the more easier to attach to the backs of the mailboxes. I stuck three a piece on the boxes to assure that the weight of the mail (and boxes) wouldn't result in the boxes sliding around the fridge.

Pretty cute, I must say.
You like that tractor hook on the wall too? I know, cause I'm diggin' it too. 
And the boxes, doin' their thing:

This was a super easy, super fast, and super fun project. And the payoff is a cute, out of the way organization solution. Boyfriend even helped me pick out the paper to use for the boxes. I think he made some good choices.

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