Friday, April 6, 2012

Starting to get "Official"

I decided it was time I had some business cards. I had made a necklace for a friend and she wears it nearly everyday at work and tells me all of the compliments she gets on it. I said in jest that she needed to hand business cards for me when people said that. Then I thought, that is actually a good idea! I get compliments on my own frequently too, I should carry some cards with me as well.

So, the decision was to be made on what my cards would look like. I took a photo of my horse, Milo, back in September that I have been in absolute love of. It was a nice composition and allowed for text - perfect! hosted the image for me and allowed me to add text and design my cards, it was for a great price too.

I ordered 50 to get me started, but now have the design saved, front and back, for future purchases. And now, with no further adieu, here are my business cards!

Physical cards, dark lighting in the craft room in the evening...

Image from computer

Image off computer, back of the cards.