Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Shopping Binge

Anyone who knows me knows two things:
1. I love to craft.
2. I love to shop on a dime.
    a. shopping is fun, but with a very tight budget, sweet deals and freebies are what I live for.

I should add too that anyone who really knows me knows that my horse is a huge part of my

Back to crafting now.

Many of my projects, naturally, include some sort of material that has to be purchased. And for those projects I turn to the cheap stores before heading to the more pricey craft stores. Dollar Tree, Good Will, and Wal Mart are among those first few locations, but I try and enter them with certain items in mind to avoid over buying (HA! Such a thing!). I also try and only spend whatever cash I have on hand, not succumbing to the plastic temptation. This keeps me on target for the right items at the right price.

I was able to make a few stops for my crafting finds, one at the Dollar Tree where I picked up a multitude of Halloween and Fall themed ribbons, small decorations and must have craft items. Good Will produced a worn book, the Halloween serving platter, and a couple rustic candle holders. And finally, Wal Mart provided more Halloween cheer, glue sticks, and spray adhesive.

Stay tuned to find out what projects I make from this recent loot!

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  1. I am so glad you're doing Holloween things! I need to get in the spirit around here, and this is perfect!