Friday, September 16, 2011

A Boo-tiful Cake

I picked up this little cutie at my last Goodwill Hoard (among a few more adorable fall decorations, more on those later) :

This cute serving plate just begged to be rescued from the shelf!
And because I just had to christen it into the household, a cake was made in it's honor. And for a "spooky" theme, a chocolate cake was used (closest thing to black, I guess...?). I slapped one onto the plater:

Smoothed on some cream cheese frosting (on only half of the cake, and the Boyfriend didnt wanna have cream cheese frosting - too bad!):

So ... the frosting might be on a little more than half the cake...what of it?!
I think the finished picture is a festive and tasty one. I coulda, ya know, iced some spooky letters onto there or something, but with no party being held, I just dove into the cake. Before the cute little ghost did....

1 comment:

  1. How can you not like cream cheese frosting??? There is just something very wrong with that...

    I love that serving tray, I may have to go on my own scavenger hunt to find some Halloweeny stuff. I got rid of a bunch of things last year. I was tired of them. Time to start fresh again. Can you say Dollar Store?