Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY Wedding, Bridal Shower, and Proposal Decoration

I am hastily planning my own wedding for this August. One of the projects I whipped together pretty quickly was a way for guests at the Bridal Shower and Wedding to know a little more about how "He Did It!", as the story hasn't been spread around too much. I also am using "The Proposal" as part of a game at the shower, so I needed a neat way to tie the clues into the Shower.

My Fiancee popped the question by sending me on a "scavenger hunt" throughout the county, stopping me at various locations that held significant meaning to the both of us - leaving clues along the way at each location for the site of the next clue. I typed up those hand-written clues (didnt want to use the originals), and made this display for the Shower, the Wedding, and for hanging at home afterwards.

Here were the steps to making this 100% DIY proposal: