Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boo Spider Wreath

From my latest Dollar Store, Wal Mart, and Good Will adventure, I had a whole lot of Halloween inspiration and ideas floating around for cute Halloween decoration. I am not very into the gory, creepy, or dark side of Halloween, but I do love the "cute" pumpkins and ghost side. I suppose, the more child friendly decor.

What items were used from the shopping binge to make this?

The blogosphere has been teeming with Halloween wreaths, and I took a few ideas from them all to come up with my own design. I started by cutting a cardboard wreath form from an old frozen pizza box. I free formed (didn't trace a plate or anything) because I wasnt too concerned with a perfect shape knowing it would be covered up. I then wrapped it with spider webbing I nabbed from the Dollar Store.

I had multi colors of tulle fabric from my scrubbers (post for them to come), and snatched the purple, orange, and lime green strips for this project. I ruffled up a tuft from each color, and glued it onto the wreath form.

I only had wooden letters for my "BOO", and wanted them to have a little more flair and just painting them black. So I used a sharpie to color the edges...

And traced each letter onto Halloween scrap paper, then cut out the letters and got glued to the wooden base.

I hot glued two googly eyes to the base of each O, then glued the letters into place on the wreath.

Now it was time to decorate!

Glitter spiders adorned the tulle fluffs, more googly eyes were attached to ribbon,  and shiny pumpkin "convetti" were included in the mix as well. My favorite thick spider ribbon was used as a hanger, and the wreath was done!

I found a doorway at the entrance of the hallway and easily seen from the front door for this season's "haunting" location.


Googly eyes adorn the festive ribbons.


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