Monday, September 26, 2011

Mummy and Spiders Vases

I picked up three square glass candle holders from my shopping binge at the Dollar Store, having some sort of idea in mind to spruce them up for Halloween. But after working with the spider webbing in my Boo Wreath, I had a great idea for the candle holders.

What items were used for the Mummy and Spiders Vases?

I started with three "sheets" (if you will) of spider webbing. 

When you first pull this stuff out of the bag it isn't pulled apart yet so it doesnt look much like webbing until then. For the Mummy, I made sure not to handle it too much to ensure it didnt get pulled apart. This made the webbing look more like bandages used on a mummy. I just took the sheet and wrapped it around the square glass vase, then tied it in a knot in the back. 

View of the knot in the back...
The bandaged look from the front.
Then I simply slipped some of the larger googly eyes right into the webbing. No glue or adhesive needed. 

I stuck with the theme of no tape or glue with the next two vases. I figured it would make these little vases more versatile for other seasons to come. 

The next two vases I used the spider webbing for it's intended purpose: to look like spider webbing. So I pulled the fibers apart but just enough to give it the soft look but without reducing it's strength. Because I didnt want to have to glue to the glass, the webbing had to be strong enough to hold itself up. I wrapped it around the glass and simply secured it in the back with a single safety pin. 

Using green and black glitter spiders, I adorned the webbing with the spiders, who had enough "grip" to them that they stuck to the webbing on their own. 

Aren't they so cute lined up together with the pumpkins?

This project took...maybe ten minutes! Quick and easy!

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