Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Lasso Rope Clock

I have some catching up to do, to get this bog up to speed with some of my creations. I guess I will begin with the incredibly simple and adorably country, Lasso Rope Clock.

I found my inspiration for this from a seller of a western clock online. I actually found a few variations of it, but knew what kind of end product I had in mind. I wish I had taken more step by step photos of the process, but here's how to get the look:

Step One: Gather Materials
I had a few sets of lassos already that I purchased for $5 each off of a craigslist add. I selected the one from my stash that felt most suiting for a wall clock (how I came to the decision is beyond me, this one just had the right "feel").

I also had an old clock lying around that was left here by the previous home owners. It had a green border but I liked the numbers in the clock face and wanted to revamp it. I ended up using old house paint and covered it with a layer. Excited about it, I showed the concept to the Boyfriend when he arrived home. He did not want the old clock used for the project and insisted I get a different one. I must admit, the house paint was peeling and odd looking after dried. So I scrapped that clock and found the beautiful one pictured at WalMart for only a few bucks.

Step Two: Create!
With the two items in hand, all I had to do now was set the rope to the size of the clock. Easy enough.

I then discovered I needed something to secure the lasso in it's new shape. So I tied twine around the back loops to hold it in shape without seeing it from the front. I ended up using the twine to also fashion a way to hang it.

Next, I simply shoved the clock into the loops of the lasso. It sits in place in the coils perfectly and when rested against the wall, doesnt budge.

Simple as that!

As I walk by it on the wall everyday now, the yellow wrapping on the end is starting to bother me. I must find a way to remove the eye-sore.

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