Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is Coming! Rolling Out Cowgirl Cowls

The temperature is getting cooler around my neck of the woods. Time to start pulling out the scarves and crocheted items! I've been busy getting some new product available. But naturally, each must stay true to the cowgirl's style and western lifestyle.

Standard sized cowl wraps just around the neck with a little room in the front. Crocheted in fuzzy green yarn with white trim. Two button closure made from slotted silver conchos with star detail on them. $15

Available on Etsy here

Standard sized cowl wraps just around the neck, and the yarn used in this one makes this cowl lighter and very comfortable. Crocheted in very warm fall colors and in a ribbed-like pattern. Buttons attached at a different position, and made from REAL deer antler sheds. $15

Available on Etsy here

This is a larger sized cowl made with a twist in the front. Leaves a bit of open space in the front, very comfortable. Crocheted in pink soft yarn and with a variating pattern. Closed together with contrasting white yarn stitches and detailed with white and pink crochet flower. $15

Available on Etsy here

Smaller sized cowl designed to fit just around the neck with the concho button closure over the shoulder. The concho has scalloped edges and a more "feminine" feel. Cowl is crocheted in soft yarn in grey and blue tones in a large basket-weave pattern. $15

Available on Etsy here

Ask about creating your own custom piece!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Bootie Line-Up!

Check out our current Baby Booties available for immediate purchase!

Lets take a closer look at them...

Turquoise and Red Booties with Brown soles and bootstraps.
John Deere inspired booties in bright Yellow and Green, with Yellow Bootstraps and Gray soles.
These booties have pull-holes instead of traditional bootstraps. Their tops are a tad but fuzzier then their bottoms, featuring Baby Blue and Light Brown, with brown soles and accent on top.
Another set of booties with pull-holes, this time in a Baby Pink slightly fuzzy top. They have a little more shape in the top then the boy's version.
Violet bottoms and brown soles, but the attention is in the fuzzy blue tops!! Woolly western style!
Pink bottoms and fun multi-colored (pink accent) extra woolly style tops! Light brown soles and bootstraps.
All my booties are priced at $18 a pair. Lots of color schemes are available for immediate purchase, but if you have your own color set in mind, I am happy to make a custom pair for you, price remains the same.

My booties are made from my own pattern and are in standard newborn size. Any question, feel free to contact me!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

NJRA Finals Rodeo

I was able to attend a local event, which was a nice change. The Northwest Junior Rodeo Association held their final rodeo at one of our local showgrounds. I wasnt able to attend both days, but I was able to spend the majority of the day today there.

I believe that a lot of the items I have available are well suited to typical horse-showers, but I also see the trend of the rodeo competitors drawn to it as well. I'm certainly not complaining, but it seems I should be setting up at more rodeos! I made some nice big sales to competitors from out of town, which is nice to get the business out to.

Tried a new three-table configuration. I really liked the layout of it under the canopy and will probably work with this style more. 
And I learned that my new line of single charm-like rustic pendants are a hot item! I sold three of them today, and a single revolver pendant, as well as some ready-made cowboy baby booties.

All in all, it was a great day, and I may have a custom stall sign order from it!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gettin' Crafty with a Buckle Pendant

I did a buckle pendant once before:

This one featured a bit of a smaller buckle and an overall more delicate and feminine appeal. I still really liked the outcome, but wanted to try the buckle pendant again. I waited for the right buckle to come along, then made this one the other day:

A larger buckle, which needed a larger, chunky feel to the necklace. I have been having a lot of fun trying out charm style necklaces, and the silver charm pieces just accented the buckle even more. Add a row of turquoise rock beads and it was perfect! :) Hope you all like it, here are the specs:

This is a really awesome charm necklace featuring a silver engraved belt buckle pendant, a silver longhorn charm, small silver bucking horse charm, silver revolver, and silver star. With a row of chunky turquoise rock beads, and a string of metal chain. Really cool, fun, and unique cowgirl necklace, $35

Available on Etsy:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adding to the Rustic Simple Necklaces

I went a little crazy yesterday and made three more rustic charm pendant necklaces, but each with a little twist...

Rustic metal Longhorn pendant with antique finished cowboy hat charm. Attached to brown suede cord and antique finished chain, adjustable. $20

Available on Etsy:

Rustic metal Tractor pendant with silver longhorn charm, attached to three-row crystal ring. All on brown suede cord and each side accented with knotted silver beads, cord adjustable. $20

Available on Etsy:

Rustic metal Chubby Cross Pendant with inlay cross cutout with silver and clear bead charm. Copper and Silver rings and two silver scroll spacer beads, all on copper ball-bead chain, 22 inches. $18

Available on Etsy:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Couple New Bracelets

I am still a lover of wrap style bracelets, and here are a couple of new ones, one with the traditional leather cord (which got great reviews this last Friday at a show), the other using chain, which I like the effect of.

Bright beautiful green beads with green "pearl" beads. Wrap style bracelet with loop and knot closure on black leather cord.

Large and exquisite cowgirl bracelet with eight 1.5" long turquoise stone beads and silver spacer scroll beads and clear beads, all attached to a durable silver chain. Hook and loop closure.

Like them? Both are available at my Etsy shop, linked on the side. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adding more to the Charm Collection

Beautiful longer necklace on small chain. Beads and charms slide right over the chain. Silver scroll spacer beads and five charms, center charm with turquoise center. One cross, one fleur de lis, one with turquoise accent horseshoe center, another with turquoise accented center. Very beautiful piece

Available on Etsy

This beautiful charm necklace is on a large chain with six turquoise stone accents. Center charm is a silver revolver, other charms include a cowboy hat, longhorn on silver blank charm, lantern, and a scroll cross. Standard size.

Available on Etsy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rustic and Modern Charm Necklaces

I have been playing around with charm necklaces recently, as evidenced in my last post with the rustic metal horse necklace. Here are a couple new pieces I made this last week.

Two stranded copper chain necklace with seven total charms. Three rustic metal cutout charms: horseshoe, chubby cross, and cowboy boot. Four silver charms: cowboy hat, cactus, star, and lasso. Really unique, cute, and charming piece, available on Etsy Here

Long silver chain with four silver charms and six copper colored beads. Charms include fleur de lis, silver blank, key with crystals on it, small silver wing, and crown with crystals. Really cute lobster closure attached at front, available on Etsy Here

And another really cute running horse necklace with a peace sign charm this time: 

Available on Etsy, Here