Friday, October 26, 2012

Rustic Longhorn Green Necklace Set

I am in love with this new set. Its the first time I have made a complete pre-made three piece set. I really love it and am having a hard time listing it, I might end up keeping it if it doesnt sell soon!

This three-piece set is absolutely beautiful, photos really dont do the colors justice. A rustic longhorn pendant is attached to a beaded strand of green ovals with visual texture, spaced with green pearl beads and sparkling beads that really pick up the green and brown tones. I attached a doubled-over thin copper chain designed to lay however it falls. Matching bracelet and earrings are included in this set.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cowgirl Rustic Key Chains!

Each keychain is made with a rustic metal cutout figure, a string of stone beads, crystals accented, and all attached to a key ring with large clip. Each keychain is $12.50, and custom keychains are available!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rustic and Western Christmas Ornaments

Each ornament is handcrafted with a rustic metal cutout figure, decoration, ribbon string, and 100% authentic and cleaned horsehair $9.50 each
Custom ornaments available - select your favorite figure and I can even use your horse's hair. Ask for more info!

Cowboy boot with gold bell. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Moose and gold bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Bear and red bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Bucking horse with silver charm hat. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Tractor and red bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Christmas stocking and red ribbon bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Deer and green bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Running horse and red bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Deer and red ribbon bow. Authentic horsehair. $9.50

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crystal Cross Bling Necklaces

Added a few more cross necklaces to my stash. And a blingy horseshoe one.

Crystal and Cross Bling! This beautiful necklace is "slide" style on a thin chain. The beads are in silver and crystal bling with large crystal and silver magnetic cross pendant. Four crystal cross charms are attached and matching crystal cross earrings are included. $45

Available on Etsy:

Black and silver three strand "bib" style necklace. Each strand has a combination of black with silver beads, solid silver beads, and clear crystal beads. The strands are attached to loop chain and hook and eye closure. he magnetic pendant is in black and silver with filigree detail and crystals all around. $40

Available on Etsy:

Pink bling necklace featuring a magnetic crystal horseshoe pendant. Pink beads are seperated with crystal beads and silver rings. Attached to ring-style chain with large lobster clasp closure. Bright and blingy! $40

Available on Etsy:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Rustic Western-Inspired Wreaths

I have been having fun the last few days making Western Wreaths. I was given by a family member some hand-dried hydrangeas (absolutely beautiful) and had some wreath forms sitting around waiting for inspiration to come. Here are the three I have currently available (although I have some sentimental attachment to the first):

Beautifully rustic wreath made from stick frame, attached dried blue and purple hydrangeas, small pheasant feathers, my horse Milo's horseshoe, and finished with a burlap bow.

Available for sale: rustic wreath made from a stick frame. Hand dried blue and purple hydrangeas is attached, with three long pheasant feathers and two empty gold shells. A little rustic barn star and a bow from raffia finish it off. $25, local delivery only at this time.

vailable for sale: Super cute deer hunting inspired stick wreath. I used two wreath forms, medium and small attached together with a burlap bow. The hand-painted "welcome" greeting is attached between the two wreaths, as well as hand-dried pink and brown hydrangeas. An authentic empty brass shell is attached as well as a real antler shed piece. Super cute and fun, $35, local delivery only at this time

This post was linked to the SNS Party at Funky Junk Interiors featuring hydrangea projects. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Rustic Charm

This last week I added an additional cowl to the Cowgirl Cowls Collection. Its made in a beautiful shell-stitch pattern with a rich rust color and three antler-shed buttons accenting with the warm tones. Both ends are single crocheted to finish and a row around the entire edge to sharpen the overall lines. Made in a standard cowl size, and can with worn with all three buttons closed, a single button closed, with a twist, or whatever you like! $15 Available on Etsy.

I've also added some more necklaces to the Charm Collection, and keeping with the rustic and warm feel in color tones, made another for the beaded collection. 

This is a really beautiful, fun necklace and really sparkles in person. Three rustic metal cutout charms are on it, one large pendant sized bull rider, a smaller cowboy boot, and a cutout star. Two silver small charms are added, one a star, the other a cowboy hat. Spaced between are assorted beads in silver and the rustic copper look, and varied with really pretty purple-tone beads. Attached to copper toned chain and closed with silver lobster clasp. Very fun and unique, available on Etsy for $30. 

Two stranded copper chain with four charms attached: one rustic metal cutout cowboy boot, a silver longhorn charm, silver revolver gun, and silver "cowgirl" charm in pink. Simple and fun! $25 available on Etsy.

Simple and slightly longer necklace made with light brown suede cord and attached to a rustic metal running horse pendant, charmed with silver "ride" charm in green/blue. $18 available on Etsy.

And the beaded Buffalo necklace. For the Buffalo lovin' and cuttin' ladies! This one is made with a rustic metal buffalo cutout pendant, strung onto a gorgeous line of orange/red rock beads, spaced with copper metal spacers and beautiful shimmering gold beads. Very pretty and unique piece, $30 available on Etsy.