Saturday, February 11, 2012

Craft Room Project - Part 4, Shelves!

Craft Room Project Series begins here.

Part Two, painting, is here.

Part Three, Burlap Curtains, linked here.

Now that the paint had been on the walls for a few days and was completely dry, Boyfriend was able to construct the shelves that would be put on the wall. It took a little time to figure out exactly how I wanted the shelves: should they be perfectly even, mismatched, or opposite on each side? We finally came to decide that a subtle mismatch would be best.

Just starting some shelves

All the shelves in place, and testing the fit of my storage baskets. 

Hung my turquoise horses up :)

Added some dividers to make the shelves into cubbies, and to provide support for shelving weight. 

All done!

Now I just need to unpack and organize everything in the craft room. But I still have another burlap project up my sleeve too...stay tuned!

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  1. Ooooo...very nice! A window for a view and those shelves are to die for....I would love that kind of storage!