Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Craft Room Project - Part 1

I am in desperate need of a craft room. Regularly, there are projects scattered throughout the house, but mostly congregating in the living room. When I came home from work the other night and found the house spotless, I appreciated Boyfriend's gesture. But maybe tossing all my projects into the craft room was sending me a more subtle message? That night he told me to design the craft table I wanted and he was going to build it. Two days later, he had it finished (in fact, it only took him the amount of time it took me to make my Pine Wreath - amazing!).

So although the craft room is far from done, here is the progress currently.

What a mess! I bought a couple organizational pieces. But they werent serving the greater need - a desk. 

Boyfriend suggested the table be wall-to-wall, knowing the many projects I always have going on. He measures, and sets the support posts in place. 

The frame is all done, and he added the decorative front piece to hide the seems.

Finally, he laid in all of the slats for the desk top, and nailed them all into place. 
But this project is far from finished, as well as the craft room. Stay tuned.

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