Sunday, February 5, 2012

Craft Room Project - Part 3, A Burlap Covering

The Craft Room Project Series begins here.

Part Two, painting, here.

As shown in the last post, I had to find a way to cover up the unsightly-ness of the storage kept underneath the new craft table:

I already had a plan in place however. I knew I wanted to use burlap in the room. In an earlier visit to the craft store (day of painting, in fact), I bought a few yards of neutral colored burlap to use as curtains for the lower half of the desk.

Step one was to cut the burlap into approximate size. I needed two "curtains" for each side of the desk leaving a space in between for the chair. I considered the fraying edges for a moment, but decided I liked them in their natural and tattered stage.

Folding the burlap in half, I maintained about an inch of room on the top where a curtain rod could be slid through. Instead of running the heavy thick burlap through my sewing machine, I instead opted for a hand-sewn look. Not only would it achieve the soft yet rustic look I was going for, it was actually going to be the easier route for me. I utilized the small holes from the weave in the burlap for my stitches. Using twine and a crochet hook, I wove the twine through the burlap in approximately one-inch stitches.

To finish off the edges, I simply tied the burlap around into a knot and fashioned a twine bow in each end.

The finished curtain:

One more project up my sleeve for the burlap. More to come yet on the craft room. Stay tuned.


  1. I love the burlap curtain! I especially love the way you used the twine and tied the cute bows on the ends. :)

  2. That looks great! The twine and the way you wove and tied it in there was a stroke of genius ♥

  3. These are freaking adorable! I love them! Thanks for sharing!!! Visiting via Make the Scene Monday, I'm your newest follower!

  4. Adorable! These turned out perfect!! Would love for you to link up to our Uncommonly Yours link party! ;)