Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Make Homemade Gift Bags

For Christmas this year I made all of my horse-friends personalized handmade presents. I dont want to reveal the gifts just yet, as not all of the recipients have opened them, so I will start from the outside and work in.

Materials used were a set of eight plain white gift bags, excess wrapping paper (you know, those scraps that you save but are really too small to reuse? I'm SO happy I saved those now!), and Christmas scrapbook accessories. I had ribbon and bows on hand as well as the spray adhesive needed for the paper.

Step one was to cut the scrap papers to size for the bag.

I sprayed the gift bag with adhesive spray, then applied the wrapping paper to both sides, but didnt glue any to the sides. Cut the excess paper on the sides (if any), and apply cute scrapbook decorations. 

After stuffing the gifts into the bags and adorning with tissue paper, I then attached name tags and bows for some personalization, and a candy cane to each bag for the finishing touch.

And when I realized that *gasp* I forgot someone at the barn, I whipped up another quick gift. I located some supplies from the pantry...

With the eighth unused gift bag, I put a few more scrapbook decorations onto it...

Fill the quick bag with the found supplies...

 And smile at yourself for the quick and easy fix to the forgotten gift!

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