Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hand-sewn Tail Bags

So remember the gift bags I made? Now I can reveal what the real gifts were inside of them! Since they were for my horse-friends, I made each of them a personalized tail bags. Tail bags are sort of like large tube socks that we horse owners use to protect and keep clean the tails. An easy project and gifts I knew each person could use. 

I bought the dancewear fabric (they need some stretch) on Black Friday sale (and coupon) for $35, enough for two tail bags of each color. Once home, I cut them to size and pinned them in place for sewing. 

Sew all of the tail bags. Although easy, finding the time was another challenge, but with one free morning I got just about all of them sewn.

After sewn, I trimmed the edges,

Then cut the tops into four strips to use to tie the tail bag into the tail.

To finish off, I trimmed the tips to a V. I thought it just made them appear more clean and finished. 

Last step was to flip the tail bags inside out, and make sure I had made enough. :)

I had, in fact, and even had some extra to make and hopefully sell. 

Oh, and here is one of the extra red ones in action adorning my horse, Milo's, tail. 

They turned out great, I think! A quick and easy thoughtful gift, pricing at only about $4 a bag! With only about $1.50 into the materials for the gift bag, I stayed under my budget for gift giving this year!

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