Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Paper Wreath

I bought this used up and stained book from GoodWill, planing to use it for some type of wreath. What came first was an inspiration from Martha Stewart.com:

I used the same leaf trace offered from the website, but also formed a maple leaf version of my own. With no other cardstock available for color depth, I gathered some yellow leaves from the yard and pressed them in said book for a week.

The first step was to cut out the many, many leaves from the book pages. Martha's wreath calls for 100 leaves glued back to back. I cut 50 of each leaf type for a total of 100 leaves.

I watched Netflix while doing this.

It took a long time.

I didnt get to come back to the project for another week until my next day off. But throughout the week I stopped by Joann's and purchased a 12" wire floral wreath to attach the leaves to. Next I just started hot gluing leaves onto the wire frame and to each other.

As I glued the leaves in place, I had some pieces of twine wrapped around a pencil to start forming spiral "sprigs" to add onto the wreath.

I got closer to the end and tied a leaf-printed ribbon to the top.

I then removed the pressed (real) leaves from the remains of the book, and glued them into place as well as the twine spirals. I hung up the new wreath and stood back and enjoyed.

This is my favorite leaf with the lack of words on it. :)

I'm pleased with my Martha wreath knock-off!


  1. I love the addition of the real leaves and this is so versatile as well. You can change it out for the seasons if you wantd to!
    Thanks for linking up to Make the Scene Monday!

  2. Very pretty! looks like it was worth all the time cutting oout all those leaves!