Monday, November 7, 2011

Crochet Newsboy Hat

A friend at work found out that I have some crafting ability, and asked if I might make a "beanie" for her. We discussed design options, and I got to work.

I searched to find the perfect pattern for her. I took a little bit of a creative leap with the pattern I selected. I had her blessing for a bit of free rein after our discussion, and other details that I might ask her about I was free to decide on. So I hoped the pattern I chose would represent her style.

I set to work one evening and finished the majority that night. The following night I added the button embellishments instead of the zipper flower. Here's how mine turned out:

I surprised her with it at work, and she loved it! I took a risk with the pattern design with the front post double crochet lines on the top, but she said she loved it and in fact was thinking about something similar in her mind. I also guessed on the right size, going a bit smaller than my own size but estimating she was a smaller than I. She put it on and it fit her perfectly! Finally, the button sizes were a little smaller than we discussed, but all I had on hand. She loved the two buttons accenting each side of the brim. All three guesses I went for paid off in the end and she loved it.

Knowing how happy she was with it totally offset any cost I had put into it (just the purchase of the semi-wool yarn and the cost of the pattern). Then she surprised me with a gift card for Starbucks and hugged me profusely. Definitely worthwhile.

Now the other gals at work want hats (and even hand painted signs) for them too!

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