Thursday, November 3, 2011

The New Home Decor

Anyone who knows me in "real life" is acutely aware that I (and my Boyfriend) are heavy in the western/hunting/horses and outdoors in terms of our lifestyle as well as our home decor. For a while I have been keeping my eyes out for an awesome vintage-y old western saddle to use in the home. Monday I was taking some horse items for consignment to the local tack consignment shop, and naturally took a look at the saddles available. I was looking for something within my price point (under $50), but I wasnt floored by anything .... until I took one last look. I found one tucked underneath some other old dusty saddles, and turned over the price tag: $35. Hallelujah!

I pulled the saddle from it's dusty and dark crevice and piled it next to the purchase counter. I was able to swap the not-needed girth attached for a single stirrup. As the saddle did not come with any stirrups, I much preferred to have at least one versus the cheap-o girth included. Luckily, the shop owner swapped me the lonesome single stirrup for the girth, which was perfect because I knew only one stirrup would be seen anyways.

I trucked the saddle home and it sat in the living room for a couple days until I could bring some oil home from the barn. (My new laptop doesnt have any photo editing on it yet, so sorry for the less-than-stellar image qualities)

Saddle before cleaning
Cleaned and in it's new home greeting company as they walk in the door ... ignore the mess...I have yet to have my own craft room
I love the look of the saddle sitting up there. 

Sweet 'lil consignment saddle. Your tree might be broken and therefore you are deemed as "not safe to ride in", but you look fabulous sitting in the entryway.

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