Monday, November 21, 2011

Auction Find!

The Boyfriend and I attended a benefit auction for a friend of the family's son. At the silent auction were lots of neat things, but what really caught our eye was a beautiful Mule-Deer photo and gorgeous wood frame, as well as some 7x7 elk antler sheds found in Montana. We really liked both, but as the auction was nearing an end, a decision had to be made from one to the other. With the rarity and uniqueness of the elk sheds, we went for those - and won the silent auction! We paid what they were worth but didnt feel bad as the proceeds went to a great cause.

I couldnt wait to get the new babies home and find the right spot for them. The only problem was going to be how to mount or hang them....

Boyfriend blinked, apparently. And as they are heavy, they came out a little blurry from movement.
We could put them up in the vaulted opening where the saddle is...

But for now, we found two other good places for them. One in the master atop the electric fireplace...

Which leaves me wondering where my ribbons and buckles will go that were previously displayed on the mantle.

And the other antler is in the kitchen, next to one of the geese, among other things.

I just love this one here - it so perfectly fills up the empty space that was previously there.

Hooray for elk sheds!

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