Monday, September 3, 2012

Rustic and Modern Charm Necklaces

I have been playing around with charm necklaces recently, as evidenced in my last post with the rustic metal horse necklace. Here are a couple new pieces I made this last week.

Two stranded copper chain necklace with seven total charms. Three rustic metal cutout charms: horseshoe, chubby cross, and cowboy boot. Four silver charms: cowboy hat, cactus, star, and lasso. Really unique, cute, and charming piece, available on Etsy Here

Long silver chain with four silver charms and six copper colored beads. Charms include fleur de lis, silver blank, key with crystals on it, small silver wing, and crown with crystals. Really cute lobster closure attached at front, available on Etsy Here

And another really cute running horse necklace with a peace sign charm this time: 

Available on Etsy, Here

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