Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Wood Creations for Decor

I have always enjoyed painting and I love the rustic simple look of wood pieces in the home. However, it isnt a huge seller for the business so I tend to focus more on the jewelry end of things.

But, as some may know, I have sort of made it a tradition when friends and family get married that their gift from me is some sort of variation on a lasso wreath/welcome sign. I've made four so far but only attained three photos. Newest being at the end.

(pre-laptop photo...poor quality)

and my newest, with a few little tweaks Im really diggin!

Aside from the new wedding gift welcome sign, this season I was commissioned for a welcome sign that wasnt a wreath. Here is what I came up with, and the recipient completely loved it!

Featuring a real 18" elk antler shed, and a hand-cut elk from a piece of rustic metal. Love it!

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