Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Rustic Charm

This last week I added an additional cowl to the Cowgirl Cowls Collection. Its made in a beautiful shell-stitch pattern with a rich rust color and three antler-shed buttons accenting with the warm tones. Both ends are single crocheted to finish and a row around the entire edge to sharpen the overall lines. Made in a standard cowl size, and can with worn with all three buttons closed, a single button closed, with a twist, or whatever you like! $15 Available on Etsy.

I've also added some more necklaces to the Charm Collection, and keeping with the rustic and warm feel in color tones, made another for the beaded collection. 

This is a really beautiful, fun necklace and really sparkles in person. Three rustic metal cutout charms are on it, one large pendant sized bull rider, a smaller cowboy boot, and a cutout star. Two silver small charms are added, one a star, the other a cowboy hat. Spaced between are assorted beads in silver and the rustic copper look, and varied with really pretty purple-tone beads. Attached to copper toned chain and closed with silver lobster clasp. Very fun and unique, available on Etsy for $30. 

Two stranded copper chain with four charms attached: one rustic metal cutout cowboy boot, a silver longhorn charm, silver revolver gun, and silver "cowgirl" charm in pink. Simple and fun! $25 available on Etsy.

Simple and slightly longer necklace made with light brown suede cord and attached to a rustic metal running horse pendant, charmed with silver "ride" charm in green/blue. $18 available on Etsy.

And the beaded Buffalo necklace. For the Buffalo lovin' and cuttin' ladies! This one is made with a rustic metal buffalo cutout pendant, strung onto a gorgeous line of orange/red rock beads, spaced with copper metal spacers and beautiful shimmering gold beads. Very pretty and unique piece, $30 available on Etsy.

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