Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Official Event!

Technically, our first event was an Open House for the local riding club, Silver Spur Club, back in April. A single table and only half the stock, we still sold a few tailbags and a necklace.

This last weekend we did attend our first official vendor event. A non-profit benefit NPRA rodeo held locally offered very reasonable prices for vendor booths and we set up, not sure how reception would be held from the general public.

We did surprisingly well, in fact, selling the most high-ticket necklace available! We made four times back the vendor fee and let go of a lot of business cards - further expanding our communications past the Facebook page and Etsy shop! I think I have the "bug" now and really want to get out to more events to continue promoting the name and product.

Some lessons learned:
- Bring a mirror. I had planned on bringing my full-length mirror but forgot...
- More attraction-drawing items: varying heights, colors, better signage (was last minute)
- LIGHTS! I hadnt thought at all about lighting until someone asked if we needed power ran to the booth. Oops...ended up being a bit of a problem after night fell. Luckily we were close to the arena, but lights would have really showcased the sparkle in the necklaces.

Some photos from our "booth"!

Modeling a pair of the Cowboy Booties!

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